The ultimate tribute

The story of United is one of the most emotive in the entire world of sport.

It’s the tale of a football club established by a humble group of railway workers in 1878 and taken on an incredible journey to the summit of world football; a journey encompassing the tragic loss of Sir Matt Busby’s incomparable Babes in the 1958 Munich air tragedy, and the manager’s own recovery from life-threatening injuries to build a new team and lead them to European Cup glory a decade later. Busby’s inspiring success and the style in which it was achieved attracted a global fanbase and set a template for future managers. After years of hopes and false dawns, Sir Alex Ferguson finally emulated and exceeded those feats, culminating in the Treble of 1999.

Inside the Opus


The Official United Opus is the ultimate tribute to a unique sporting institution, telling this story in greater depth than ever before with 400,000 words and 2,000 images displayed on an epic scale. Weighing in at 37 kilos and 850 pages long, each half a metre square, The Official United Opus is the biggest football book ever produced, and contributions by Britain’s finest sportswriters and photographers in collaboration with Red icons ensure that the Opus brings the reader closer to United than ever before.