The main reason for Opus being in Miami was to promote and raise awareness of Super Bowl XL – The Opus, at the Moves Party at The Fifth, South Beach, ahead of the big game on Sunday. As the main sponsor for the event Opus were privileged to have a major presence at the party and took full advantage of the exposure from the media, branding the interior of the club with everything Opus.

The day of the party saw five television crews arrive including the Uk’s own Sky and ITV Sports networks to cover the first party of Super Bowl week. The red carpet turned into a who’s who of the NFL with a few Hollywood stars thrown in for good measure which the TV crews interviewed for predictions of Sunday’s game. Many avoided giving an answer to that particular question and just seemed happy to be in Miami and let their hair down after a hard season.

Reggie Bush was host for the party, he was joined by numerous previous Super Bowl winners including Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, Marcus Allen, Desmond Howard, Richard Dent, Willie McGinist, and Ray Lewis. Other past and presnt NFL stars in attendance included Luis Castillo, Alex Smith, Braylon Edwards, Eric Dickerson, Michael Strahan and Jim Brown. Film star Mickey Rourke was also amongst the guests at the party.