Classic Edition

Limited Edition

The Official Springbok Opus Classic Edition is a limited worldwide edition of only 2900, and is the definitive publication on the history of South African rugby and The Springboks.


Classic Edition


Limited Edition

Limited to 2900 copies worldwide


50 x 50cm


630 pages


At 35kg (77lb), you can literally feel the weight of Springboks history


  • Over 50% of content previously unseen or newly commissioned for the Opus

  • Words 150,000 words of fascinating content, including exclusive interviews with South African national rugby players

  • Images 600 spectacular images, including commissioned photo shoots by renowned ​photographers and photographs​ ​sourced from archives​ ​throughout the world


Sewn and bound by hand in the finest leather and presented in a ​cloth​-covered clamshell case​. The use of special colour processes, the highest grade paper stocks, spot-varnishing of each individual image, and painstaking attention to detail in reproduction ensures an unparalleled visual feast. ​Bound in bonded leather and ​presented in a cloth-covered clamshell case


Three gigantic photographic gatefolds