Formula 1 for collectors

Bernie Ecclestone and Ronaldo will introduce the biggest Official Formula 1 book, 37 kg, 22/11, in São Paulo

Ronaldo ‘Fenômeno’ will also autograph the copy number 1 of The Official Formula 1 Opus, which is expected to be auctioned late in 2013

The Collector’s edition has been created by Luxury Publishing group Opus (UK) and brought to Brazil by Editora Toriba (BR)

Both brands will also announce a joint venture between them for Brazil

Publishers Toriba (BR) and Opus (UK) will welcome the press and Brazilian authorities, on Thursday, 22nd, to launch The Official Formula 1 Opus, the official Formula 1 book.The event will have the participation of the Brazilian former football player and world icon Ronaldo ‘Fenômeno’, chosen as representative of the country to sign the special edition of the book. Ronaldo is also set to give his own book (which has been published by Toriba in Brazil) to Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula 1.

Also expected in the evening, Viviane Senna, President of Ayrton Senna’s Institute, will be there to accept the indication to be the Brazilian institution to receive part of the amount collected by the auction of the book that will happening in the end of 2013. As part of the event, Pedro Sirotsky, CEO of Toriba, and Karl Fowler, CEO of Opus, will announce the creation of a joint venture between the two publishers, bringing up all details of the projects that will come along with the new partnership, as well give the information about the Official F1 Opus.

The presentation, which will take place at the Transamérica Hotel SP, served as a precursor to the arrival of the Number 1 copy of The Official Formula 1 Opus – Champions Edition, in Brazil. The book will also be show cased in the Paddock throughout this weekend’s Brazilian race, at the Interlagos’s Circuit.

“This partnership means a lot to Toriba. For us, start the joint venture with a launch of this Opus makes us very excited for other significant projects that we have in common,” says Pedro Sirotsky, CEO Toriba – publisher that has released “Nation “- the collector’s book of Corinthians, collector’s Box of Santos F.C., and in 2013, will launch the book art of Ronaldo, also for collectors.

Signed by every living F1 world champion (22 Champions in total), limited to just 100 copies worldwide, the unprecedented Champions Edition is the ultimate collector’s item and investment for any fan of the sport and, after its hugely successful debut at the Indian Grand Prix, on October 16th, followed by a second and third stop in Abu Dhabi and USA, it will be arriving in Brazil to be showed for the last time in 2012, as part of a global tour, that will see the Opus appear at every F1 event over the next 12 months.

This unique copy will collect more iconic signatures as it travels the F1 world and, ultimately be auctioned for charity towards the end of 2013. Opus were delighted that copy number 1 left Delhi with an opening bid of $100,000 as it embarked on this international rolling auction and are very hopeful that it will leave Abu Dhabi with a significantly increased bid in place.

With just 100 copies available worldwide, the Champions Edition is expected to have sold out well before the end of this current F1 season. Global interest dictates that just six of these amazing editions are available to fans and investors in Brazil, which will be sold by Toriba (

About the Opus
At half a metre square, 852 pages long and weighing in at 37kg, The Official Formula 1 Opus is the biggest book on Formula One racing ever produced. Each edition is lovingly hand-bound in the finest leather and silk, with three quarters of the content newly and exclusively commissioned for the Opus.
The history of this exhilarating sport has never been told in such depth, featuring numerous exclusive interviews and truly stunning imagery on an unprecedented scale.

The Official Formula 1 Opus is a joyous celebration of Formula One motor racing. The book unveils many images taken from a specially commissioned photo shoot using the largest functioning Polaroid camera in the world, to uniquely capture living world champions and the key personalities of F1 in beautiful sepia tones. Ground-breaking content includes contributions from the most celebrated writers and photographers in the sport, delivering insightful commentary and detail on every world champion and every racing team.

The special edition of The Official Formula 1 Opus is set across the world on tour of countries where the GP is held, and Brazil is its third stop. The proposal is that the book accompanies the circuit by the end of 2013 to only then be auctioned and have reverted back to welfare institutions that meet children around the world. In Brazil, the institution was chosen the Instituto Ayrton Senna, chaired by Viviane Senna. The starting bid must be $ 100,000, but the creators believe that the final figure could exceed $ 1 million.

Launch in Brazil – The official presentation of the “F1 Opus” happens on the same day that the publishers announce a partnership that will result in the exchange of their publications. The Official Formula 1 Opus, for example, will have six of the one hundred units available exclusively produced by Toriba Publisher in the country.

In addition to the F1 Opus ‘Champions Edition’ Toribas and Opus will be offering to Brazilian fans the ‘Classic’ edition which is a more affordable option for racing fans to own and enjoy.

Inside the book – With more than two thousand photographs (about 50% never before published), The Official Formula 1 Opus is the result of the selection of about five million photographs taken around the world. According to Karl Fowler, CEO of Opus, the Opus of 825 pages brings the history of the sport in a way never shown before, with exclusive interviews and stunning images. “It consists of photographic archives and private collections agency rare and unseen images, ordered the best writers and photographers specialize,” he explained.

Interviews with big names in motorsport will also help the reader to capture the spirit and thrills of the sport. Among the list of great riders presented in the book are: Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Sir Jack Brabham, Nigel Mansell, Niki Lauda. Kimi Räikkönen, Sir Jackie Stewart, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost. The editions are also signed by each of the circuit champions who are still alive.

Also according to Fowler, the illustrated pages include exclusive footage of the 2008 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, a testimonial exciting seven times world champion Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso of trivia, backstage details about the weekend race, including photos of ritual of former Williams team leader, Mark Webber, in his 100-hour countdown for the race. Archive Photos of the first Grand Prix racing and a tribute to the heroes who died young, as the Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna.

Weighing 37 pounds and measuring 50 cm in height, the Opus is a rarity that brings even curiosities revealed by pilots on the mental skills needed to be a winner, and the fighting of the ten greatest rivalries unforgettable stories of the tracks, such as the constant dispute among pilots Allan Prost and Ayrton Senna.

The publication also features an exclusive interview with Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula 1, details about the lifestyles of the rich and famous racing circuit and chimes as the Principality of Monaco, and a gallery of original Polaroid and champions of F1 engines.

In Brazil, the Opus mentioned herein may be acquired by Also for more information and content on the Official F1 Opus you can see on