The word ‘Legend’ is used too often these days but in the case of John Surtees CBE, there’s no other word that best describes him.

The Opus team got to know John very well over the years as he became an ambassador for our F1, Ferrari and Le Mans Opuses. He contributed to both productions and joined us on many evenings where he entertained an invited audience reflecting on his career, sharing anecdotes alongside his old friend Sir Stirling Moss.

John won seven world titles on a motorbike before joining Enzo Ferrari’s team to become a Formula 1 champion. He is still the only man to have ever been world champion on both two and four wheels. His bravery and skill knew no bounds. At Opus we’ll remember John for his passion and enthusiasm, sharing incredible stories and his patience as an endless line of fans waited for an opportunity for a photograph. We thank you and miss you.

John Surtees RIP
1934 – 2017

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