Two Special Editions

Marquee Edition

A strictly limited edition of 1,000 copies worldwide, The Official Major League Baseball Opus Marquee Edition is a truly monumental and luxurious publication.

Opening up to over three feet wide, it showcases images on an unprecedented scale to tell the epic story of baseball in cinematic style.


Exclusive Marquee Content

Exclusive Articles The Marquee Edition features additional features written by distinguished baseball writers such as Tracy Ringolsby and Fred Mitchell.

Photo Greats Exclusive to the Marquee Edition are a series of photo essays by three of the finest baseball photographers of all-time: Charles Conlon, Ozzie Sweet and Walter Iooss Jr.

First Time ever All the World Series Programs pictured together in one publication for the first time, only in the Marquee Edition of The Official Major League Baseball Opus.

Hall of Fame All the plaques from National Baseball Hall of Fame reproduced in high resolution.

Gatefold The Official Major League Baseball Opus Marquee Edition includes a stunning six-feet wide gatefold of classic baseball trading cards.

Classic Edition

A super-sized work in its own right, The Official Major League Baseball Opus Classic Edition delivers selected content from the Marquee Edition.

The Classic shares the same level of editorial, photographic and artistic quality but at a more accessible price point.