The illustrious MLB story told on an epic scale

The Major League Baseball Opus tells the epic story of baseball on a scale unmatched in the history of illustrated publishing. From its humble origins in the mid-19th century to its present-day incarnation as a global force, baseball has a dramatic and colorful history.

Produced in association with the publishing division of Major League Baseball Properties, the latest title in the Opus Collection is the definitive tome on the sport and is filled with historic baseball photos never before seen in such a large and stunning format.

Inside the Opus


Measuring 20 inches square, weighing in at around 75 pounds and 790 pages, The Official Major League Baseball Opus Marquee Edition is a truly monumental publication. It features approximately 1,000 beautifully reproduced photographs, including many hidden jewels from MLB’s archives, accompanied by 110,000 words comprising excerpts from the memoirs of notable players and from classic literature about the sport. The Official Major League Baseball Opus also includes specially-commissioned features by leading writers such as Roger Kahn, Robert Creamer, Tim Kurkjian and Jayson Stark.

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