‘Mind your back!’ were the cries from the journalists as Michael Sprott bent his knees, took a deep breath and lifted the Super Bowl Opus off a table. Genuine concerns were voiced as Michael joined in the fun and games at the official weigh-in, where all the journalists were invited to guess the weight of the Opus. The closest guess won the heavyweight tribute to the Super Bowl and everyone took turns to size up the Opus that retails for $4,000.

Michael found it a lot easier to lift than most including ITV’s own Jim Rosenthal. Sprott guessed 40kg and seemed quite accurate when converted into 88lb 18oz.

Before contender Audley Harrison stepped up to be weighed Chris Fowler from sponsors Opus Media Group PLC lifted the Opus onto the scales so the officials could declare its weight to be 84lb 5oz. Several in the crowd believed themselves to be in with a chance but it was Colin Hart, the highly respected boxing pundit himself who guessed the closest. Colin was delighted to say the least. Congratulations Colin!