A story of heroes, speed and excitement

The epic story of Formula 1 told as never before

Danger, passion, speed, emotion and the triumph of winning – The Opus is a celebration of over a century of Formula One motor racing, this is the definitive story of a sport that has seduced the rich and famous through the decades. Painstaking research, original interviews and specially commissioned photography bring the world of Formula One motor racing to life.

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The best writers and photographers have combined forces to produce a once-in-a-lifetime publication that will take the reader on a journey from the era of swashbuckling heroes who took to the streets of Paris in their quest for speed to the high tech, competitive world of modern Formula 1 motor racing.

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The Official Formula 1 Opus contains an exclusive gallery section of stunning portraits taken on the rare Polaroid 20 x 24 Studio camera.


Three epic gatefolds

The Official Formula 1 Opus contains three giant fold-out gatefolds including a stunning pit-stop photo montage top F1 photographer Darren Heath, a celebration of the beauty and danger of Monaco and a wonderful illustration of every Formula 1 car down the years which beautifully displays the changing face of Formula 1.