The DreamWorks Animation story told in a spellbinding new way

At nearly 20 inches square and weighing 80lbs, the DreamWorks Animation Opus tells the creative story of the iconic animation studio across over 800 stunning cinematic pages

“In Shrek we found our North Star”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Co-founder

The characters you love

Opus takes you on an enthralling adventure that celebrates all the adventurous films and beloved characters from Antz and Prince of Egypt to Kung Fu Panda and Trolls.

The personal touch

Told through the voices of the many talented artists and filmmakers who helped to create the films, the Opus features fascinating insight, wonderful memories and personal stories that have never been shared before.

I think it’s always a surprise, and sometimes a pleasure, for a performer to hear and see their voice coming out of an animated character

Tim Johnson, Director

Tighe Sheldon

I wanted DreamWorks to have its own values, to have its own identity, to ultimately be its own brand. In order to do that it needed to be quite different.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Co-founder

The DreamWorks Animation founder, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was photographed and interviewed exclusively for the Opus where he spoke about the creative journey and the creatives involved.

Unprecedented access

With unprecedented access to the DreamWorks Animation vaults, the Opus unearths hidden treasures and never before seen artefacts, from films like Shrek and Megamind, that offer a fascinating new perspective on the DreamWorks Animation story, its creators and creations.

I think what is extraordinary about DreamWorks is that all the movies we create have very different tones from one another and very different visual styles, it’s such a film-maker-driven studio.

Melissa Cobb, Producer,
Kung Fu Panda

Stage by Stage

Through conversation with the highly accomplished teams on the DreamWorks campus, the Opus takes you on a journey of creativity through every single process, stage by stage, to show exactly what it takes to make a DreamWorks movie from start to finish.

Behind the movies

Each movie is showcased in depth, juxtaposing a mixture of developmental art, character design and memorable moments from the final movie, all presented on a dynamic scale that fully illustrates the brilliance of the studio. Alongside the amazing imagery, from films like How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, are personal stories from the film-makers that have been specially commissioned for the Opus. They talk in depth about their vision, the characters and the creative and technological challenges encountered whilst making the movies.


The Opus takes you inside the gates of the purpose-built campus, highlighting the unique DreamWorks culture and showing why it’s a key element in the studio’s success. Everything on campus is designed to nurture creativity and the inclusive and collaborative nature allows the imagination to run free.