Classic Edition

This abridged version of the Opus features much of the very best content from the marquee editions but on a slightly smaller scale.

Abridged edition containing selected content  •  Unlimited print run  •  Foil-stamped moon boy logo on front cover  •  Linen-covered  •  Comes in a character presentation slipcase  •  Weight of 7kg (16 pounds)  •  Page size of 34 x 34cm (13.4 x 13.4 inches)  •  424 pages  •  10 tree donation via ‘One Tree Planted’

Character Presentation Slipcase

The Classic Edition is housed in a special presentation slipcase, decorated with an eye-catching montage that brings together over 200 of DreamWorks best-loved characters in an unprecedented fashion.

Foil-stamped Moon Boy

The linen front cover of the Classic Edition features a silver foil-stamped reproduction of the DreamWorks Animation logo.

Bespoke Pages

For a small additional cost, you can turn the Classic Edition into your own unique edition by adding some bespoke pages to the standard pagination. Use our ‘Tailor Made’ service to feature your favourite photographs on the pages of your own personal copy.

Personalised Character Montage Art Print

When ordering your Classic Edition you can also request a personalised copy of the character montage art print, for an additional cost. Supply a photograph of yourself, or a loved one of your choosing, and we will customise your copy by adding that person to the centre of the montage.

Help to Reforest the Planet

In partnership with One Tree Planted, we pledge that for every Classic Edition sold, we will ensure that 10 trees are planted somewhere in the world.

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