Christmas truly did come early for Chris Rooney when his wife Gillian was notified of her success in a Opus Experience competition exclusive to Herald readers.

Chris was dropping his wife at his local train station on Friday afternoon when she got the call. Sadly, Gillian had arranged to go out with work colleagues and passed on her invitation to attend the the Lisbon Lions 40th Anniversary Celebration to her other half, Chris.

Speaking to Chris on the night he believed his wife had no idea how magnificent a prize she had won. The evening was spectacular and he felt very privileged to be part of the evening.

Chris has been going to watch The Bhoys since he was 4 years old and his uncle was a physio at Celtic when they won the European Cup in 1967. To top off the evening Chris had his portrait taken on the legendary Polaroid 20×24 camera that was at Celtic Park to capture legends for the Celtic Opus.