On 25 May 1967 a close-knit group of footballers, all whom lived within a few miles radius of the club, travelled from Glasgow to Lisbon and and brought home the greatest trophy in European club football. It was the crowning moment in the illustrious history of Celtic Football Club: a club born in poverty and deprivation which became one of the most evocative names in sport. Where better to celebrate that heritage than at the Mitchell Library, the largest public reference library in Europe?

The Celtic Opus traces this remarkable story with a richness and depth never seen before. From its beginnings in 1888 as the inspiration of Brother Walfrid, whose memory lives on as a statue outside Celtic Park, to latter-day legends such as Kenny Dalglish, Henrik Larsson and Neil Lennon. It is a tribute, too, to generations of the Celtic faithful, from the cloth-capped working men who filled Celtic Park in its early days to the green-and-white army that flocked to Seville for the 2003 UEFA Cup Final. The story of a great football club and a great city whose histories are inexorably bound together.

An exhibition of a selection of images and artworks from the Celtic Opus can be seen in the public foyer of the Mitchell from January 20 to February 18 2011. The free exhibition has been created in partnership with Opus Media Group PLC, Celtic FC and the governors of The Mitchell Library. Designed by the Opus Photo Director Graeme Murdoch of Cultural Connect Scotland.

For pictures and further information contact Graeme Murdoch