Capturing the portrait of a larger-than-life character is always interesting. You never really know who or what will turn up on the day but you have to ‘roll with the punches’ no pun intended and accommodate the subject and their wishes.

The Opus team welcomed British former professional boxer, Chris Eubank to their pop-up studio in a central London hotel to capture his portrait for the WBC Greatest Fights Opus.

Chris spoke about the demands of being a warrior, learning the craft of boxing and being able to execute a strategy in the ring.

In the early ‘90s both Chris and Nigel Benn thrilled boxing fans around the world with two electric, non-stop action fights that won them both respect from onlookers for their passion and integrity.

The second fight had the WBC Middleweight title up for grabs and is featured in the soon-to-be released WBC Greatest Fights Opus.

Just as Zenon was about to start shooting, Chris halted proceedings and remembered he’d left his cane in the car. He promptly returned to the set with the most impressive walking cane and proudly sat to deliver a smouldering portrait.

During the session Chris Eubank signed edition number 1 of the Opus.