The Official Bradley Wiggins Opus

The story of the historic Tour de France 2012

The Opus surprisingly starts with Sir Bradley crossing the finish line, triumphant in Paris with a time of 87h 34’ 47” for the entire Tour. The following opening spreads concentrate on the mayhem and chaos that surround the Yellow Jersey. Sir Bradley finds his wife and family and the emotion is overwhelming.

After viewing a gatefold of the world’s press celebrating the Brit’s victory in France the Opus returns to day one of the 2012 Tour in Liège, June 30th for the Prologue. It continues chronologically, showing Wiggo’s times and thoughts of how he and the team are progressing. Detailed maps of each stage along with commentary allow the viewer to relive the excitement of Le Tour.

Time is fundamentally at the heart of success in Le Tour and the details of the main protagonists are presented stage by stage along with the entire Overall Time Classification for the 153 riders who finished Le Tour.

Scott followed me on the Tour before and we discussed during this year’s Tour how his stunning images could be translated into an Opus. The backdrop of the Tour is so stunning and diverse. It couldn’t be bettered. We have the open agricultural landscapes of rural France, the towns and ancient villages with breath taking architecture, the mountains in rain and sun and finally the romantic boulevards of Paris. Our conversations in hotels and on the team bus got more and more inspired as the days on the Tour drew to a close with me holding onto the Yellow jersey and looking likely to actually become the first Brit to win the Tour.

Sir Bradley Wiggins



Two meter wide gatefolds

The Opus contains two stunning Gatefolds which fold out to two meters in width.