The Official Bradley Wiggins Opus

The historic Tour de France of 2012

At 35 x 45cm, 360 pages long and weighing in at 15kg, The Official Bradley Wiggins Opus is the ultimate celebration of the historic Tour de France of 2012.

Sir Bradley Wiggins narrates the story as it unfolds, day by day during Le Tour to the stunning backdrop of photography afforded to Team Sky’s official photographer, Scott Mitchell.

The unprecedented access given to Mitchell allows for the greatest insight to Sir Bradley and Team Sky during the Tour. The blood, sweat, pain and euphoria is captured in a way never before possible and is brought to life in this panoramic Opus format.

This Opus is dedicated to my family, friends and team mates who have all made sacrifices over the years and allowed me to compete and make history in Paris

Sir Bradley Wiggins

I realize what the Tour de France is all about. I’ve been a fan of the sport for a long time – since I was a kid. So job done. I’ve got to get used to going into the history books now, but I’m trying to take everything in today first.

Sir Bradley Wiggins