Amazing Content

Weighing in at 15kg (33lb) and measuring a gargantuan 46cm (18in) x 60cm (23in), Bolt The Opus showcases Usain’s athletic ability that dominated three consecutive Olympic games is only matched by his charisma and the joy he brought to fans wherever he competed. His personality transcended the world of track and field and his achievements not only inspired future generations but also his teammates and his competitors to aim higher to achieve their goals.



Foreword by Robbie Williams

Revered respect and friendship that has grown over the years between Usain and Robbie through their mutual love of football and their active participation in fundraising and supporting UNICEF through Soccer Aid.

Insight from Usain

Multi award-winning sports journalist, author and broadcaster, Ian Stafford has followed and reported on Usain’s career for a variety of media outlets. Ian sat down with Usain to reflect on his sporting achievements and unearth some never-before told tactics and theories that Usain adopted in the hunt for gold! A multitude of quotes from Usain himself, and a selection of teammates, opponents and admirers – add an extra level of insight.

Relive The Olympic Journey

Bolt The Opus covers in detail Usain’s triumphant performances in the Olympic games during Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016.

Luxury Art Prints 

Exclusive portraits taken specially for Bolt The Opus by Opus photographer Zenon Texeira. The art prints are presented on heavy-duty satin paper, availble as part of edition packages.