Announcement UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE OPUS LONDON, April 2018 – Opus today announced a new and exciting licensing agreement with UEFA to tell the epic story of the UEFA Champions League in a collaborative creative project which will ultimately feature the ‘Greatest and most Iconic Moments’ from the UEFA Champions League showcased and told within a series of Official Opus Limited Edition publications. The UEFA Champions league is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and the most illustrious club competition in European football. The UEFA Champions League final is also the most watched annual sporting event worldwide. The UEFA Champions League Opus will endeavour to tell this amazing story in its unique and unprecedented style and manner only an Opus Limited Edition can. The UEFA Champions League and its unrivalled heritage, being the absolute pinnacle of club football, will be presented in large glorious format to show the passion, the excitement and the iconic moments from the world’s greatest club tournament like never before. More detail and information will follow about this exciting and historic project over the forthcoming weeks and months, including for the first time how fans can follow the ‘making of the UEFA Champions League Opus’ itself.

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