ICONS – THE TITAN, is the largest book of photographic portraits in the world. It measures an epic 27” x 37” and weighs an impressive 37 kilos.

This huge tome was on public display for the first time at The Press Shop book store in Guernsey, over the weekend of the 21st November. THE TITAN and its giant portraits of well known celebrities attracted swathes of interest from passers-by and christmas shoppers.

ICONS photographer Zenon Texeira was in-store to chat about the creation of the book, photographs and the process of using the giant 20 x 24 Polaroid camera on which the portraits in ICONS were taken. He was also on-hand to sign and personalise copies of the smaller ICONS book which was available in store for purchase.

‘The most rewarding aspect of today was chatting to all the photographers who made a special trip into town on this very cold day’ Zenon said, ‘There was one photography student from Bristol University who came in, someone who is just starting their photography career and then there were more senior photographers who were retired and see photography as one of their passions. Photography appeals to everyone and there’s no doubt we’ve inspired some minds today.”

ICONS is available to order now. THE TITAN is a strictly limited edition of twenty-five hand made copies, if you are interested in owning one of these giant editions please contact us.

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