Opus Media Group PLC is proud to announce an exhibition on its latest publication, The Official Ferrari Opus, at Mews in London.

Tucked away in a historic courtyard, Mews is one of Mayfair’s hidden gems, comprising of a chic four-storey restaurant, atmospheric bar, wine boutique as well as a charming art gallery.

To accompany the two editions of The Official Ferrari Opus on view at Mews, a selected content of the Opus is on display to give visitors an overview of the stunning imagery featured in the publication.

The Official Ferrari Opus will be on permanent display at the Mews Art Gallery until the first week of September. In the autumn, Opus Media Group PLC plans to collaborate with Mews further as they install an exhibition to coincide with the launch of its upcoming title, The Official Formula One Opus.

To find out more about Mews of Mayfair click here.