Copy Number 1 of The Official Ferrari Opus made its ‘Journey to Maranello’ pit-stop at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas!

The annual NetJets Poker Tournament at the Wynn featured several exquisite products from some of the finest brands on display, allowing the high calibre of NetJets clients to admire these unique items whilst striving to win the competitive tournament.

Opus Media Group PLC were exclusively invited to showcase The Official Ferrari Opus and especially Copy Number 1 for the very first time in the USA.

At each destination, Copy Number 1 is being signed by a host of local and international dignitaries, which will add value to its auction that is due to take place at the end of the F1 racing season in Maranello, Italy.

Two special personalities, entrepreneurs and investors, Mr Steve Wynn and Mr Warren Buffett were requested to sign Copy Number 1, who were both thrilled to be part of such a unique product that will ultimately raise money for a worthwhile charity.

With a known passion for Baseball, Mr Warren Buffett also offered to sign an edition of The Official Major League Baseball Opus!

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