Opus is excited to announce its newly formed partnership with Virago Productions, a Film and TV production company.

The partnership will initially collaborate on three feature film projects aiming for international cinematic release. Two of these films are based on true events, one of which was discovered during research for the Official Mandela Opus. This story is of Harold Wolpe and Arthur Goldreich, two respectable, unassuming white Jewish South Africans, who in secret are the operational intelligence behind the ANC, planning to overthrow the apartheid government. When captured by the police they face the death penalty so plan their prison escape with help from their family and friends. What follows is a dramatic, and at times, almost farcical manhunt as the South African Government issue warrants with huge financial rewards for the fugitives capture, dead or alive.

For early investors HMRC approved SEIS and EIS investment schemes are available including additional benefits such as:

  • Access to behind the scenes
  • Visiting set locations in international locations
  • Attending VIP film premieres and screenings
  • Special appearance as an extra
  • Meet the cast and signed memorabilia