Côte d’Azur Ferrari dealership, Modena Motors, invited Opus to present the Enzo Diamante edition at its unveiling of the latest Ferrari model, the Ferrari FF.

This truly glamorous event took place at the Grand Hotel in Cannes, with over 250 guests attending. 

Leading up to the dramatic, spotlight-fuelled, late-night unveiling of the FF, the “supporting acts” included a fashion show featuring Fendi’s autumn/winter collection, a showcase of Fred’s latest jewelry collection and the launch of The Official Ferrari Opus’s diamond-encrusted edition, accompanied by a speech on the making of the Ferrari Opus by the editor, Eszter Karpati.

The Enzo Diamante, referred to at the event as “the most exclusive Ferrari without an engine”, is Opus Media’s most exclusive edition to date. This special edition features a 30-carat diamond Prancing Horse on the cover, made up of over 1,500 stones.

Only one copy of the Enzo Diamante is available per country.