My World in Fifty Words by Govind Ramakrishnan is the newest book to have been published by Opus. 

30th August 2017 – Opus today announced the publication of My World in Fifty Words by Govind Ramakrishnan. Available from September. My World in Fifty Words is a beautifully crafted piece of literature featuring breathtaking poetry written in fifty words or less. This poetry book chronicles Govind’s personal journey from childhood to today, and serves as a canvas to express his thoughts, emotions and observations.

Govind is not only passionate about writing and the arts but is also the founder of non-profit organisation: Youth Against Sexual Assault (YASA) YASA’s goal is to kick off a global campaign to raise awareness regarding the issues surrounding gender violence and sexual assault. All proceeds from the book will go towards YASA foundation.

In celebration of his debut, Govind Ramakrishnan will be signing at his book launch following a reading from “My World in Fifty Words” on Wednesday 30th August at 6pm at the The Corner Bookstore, New York.

My World in Fifty Words is a refreshing and superbly crafted collection of poems that takes the reader on a journey through the world and imagination of a New York teen. Govind’s first book entertains and comments on life with a maturity that make us at Opus very proud publish.” – Zenon Texeira, OPUS Co-Founder and Creative Director