The story of The King of Pop

The monumental 404-page The Official Michael Jackson Opus is the definitive book on the ‘King of Pop’. It features over 300 spectacular photos, including many rare and previously unpublished images, by some of the world’s foremost photographers, plus the personal remembrances of the people who knew him best and were inspired by his work including Reverend Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, Paula Abdul, John Landis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jimmy Jam, Spike Lee, Teddy Riley, Jane Fonda and many more.

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Fans Tributes

Michael Jackson fans around the world were invited to contribute to The Official Michael Jackson Opus. Thousands of fans submitted photographs, artwork and written tributes to the King of Pop.

Thousands of people from countries around the world submitted tributes in the form of text and artworks in a bid to be featured in The Official Michael Jackson Opus.

Our judges were blown away by the diversity and quality of the entries, and it was a tough task to make their final selection.

The winners of our global MJ fan contest are listed below:

  • Su-Lin Tan (United Kingdom)
  • Tove Brink (Sweden)
  • Pablo Martinez (United States)
  • Farrah Abu Shaban (Qatar)
  • Joseph Rossi (United States)
  • Kelly Voice (United Kingdom)
  • Jodie Sings (United Kingdom)
  • JayDee (United Kingdom)
  • Amanda Pampena (United States)
  • Sandra Chang-Adair (United States)
  • Cano (Japan)
  • Liloutime (France)
  • Elizabeth Le (Norway)
  • Kurumi and Sakura (Japan)
  • Adi Garp (Denmark)
  • Esther Loeff (Netherlands)
  • Magali Bolla (France)
  • Joy Gilleard aka CBloxx (United Kingdom)
  • Cathy Nguyen (United States)
  • Susan J. Meyer (Germany)
  • Gabriela J. Dworakowski (Poland)
  • Alma Rosa Lopez (United States)
  • Maria Gabriela Flores (Venezuela)
  • Vera Siccard (Belgium)
  • Magali Chevalier (France)
  • Irving Hazieq van Thol (Netherlands)
Written Tributes
  • Rita Kang (Canada)
  • Kerrie Anderson (United States)
  • Gitanjali (Malaysia)
  • Ekaterina Kofman (Russia)
  • Alice Wang (Taiwan)
  • Vanessa Claire Appassmy (Australia)
  • Nadev Gelbart (Israel)
  • Alexandra Dumitru (Romania)
  • Mads Peter Hansen (Denmark)
  • Farrah Shaban (Qatar)
  • Hoda Karamzadeh (Sweden)
  • Sendrine Chauvat (France)
  • Helia Saber (Iran)
  • Thomas Helgesen (Norway)
  • Hiba Badwan (Jordan)
  • Stuart Roberts (United Kingdom)
  • Micaela Froman (Argentina)
  • C. Spiritus (Belgium)