The rich content of the Opus has been nourished through the unprecedented access given to the Opus team to archives and individuals all over the world. The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory has provided unpublished correspondence, artefacts and other materials to bring more insight into the life of Madiba. New research, interviews and commissioned art work are presented on a luxury large format scale that also breathes new life into old archive photography and memorabilia.

The book includes exclusive interviews with family members, personal accounts by several people who were involved on the day Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison in Paarl and interviews with members of Mandela’s first Cabinet. There are also stories about the way Mandela has been depicted in movies and cartoons, as well as his relationship with sporting stars and musicians.

The Opus is edited by award-winning journalist Ryland Fisher with picture editing by Benny Gool, who has recorded the Mandela story for more than 20 years.

Photography has been sourced from all over the world under the guidance of the main photographic contributor, Benny Gool.

The Opus highlights include: Early Influences; Born To Lead; The People’s Movement; Plotting South Africa’s Future; The Biggest Trial in History; Turning Point, Caught and Jailed; The Rivonia Trial; Prison Years; Release Mandela Campaign; Free At Last; The Presidency; Taking On The World; Madiba and more…