Collaboration brings together two luxury lifestyle brands delivering the finest ‘Gifts of Nature and Art’

March 01, 2021– Leading luxury-format publisher Opus announces velvety Hallstein Artesian Water from Austria as the Official Water of the Opus community of clients who will receive special benefits incorporated with future published limited-editions and collections. Hallstein is not only the world’s most delicious and purest tasting water, but it is completely unfiltered, untreated, uncompromised, and perfected by nature. As a result, Hallstein Water is the most sustainable and highest quality drinking water in the world and a perfect fit for the discerning Opus consumer.

Karl Fowler, CEO of Opus noted “We are immensely proud to join and partner with our friends at Hallstein Water. Hallstein Water is totally unique in its purest qualities, simply the very best drinking water in the world. Once I tried it for myself and my family we could not go back to drinking any other water.” Added Fowler, “To be able to bring and introduce Hallstein Water to the larger Opus community is something we instantly wanted to be able to do and we are hugely excited about the opportunity in partnering together in this way.”

Iconic in the world of publishing, Opus produces the world’s definitive luxury format limited editions,art & prints, and bespoke literary collections and allows its discriminate customers a closer look at some of the biggest names in sports, fashion, music, and the arts.
“Hallstein Water is honored to be the official water partner for Opus. This is a perfect alignment as Hallstein is the healthiest water in the world and a preferred choice of various sports stars, stated Phillip Muhr, co-CEO of Hallstein. Added Muhr, “this partnership fits perfectly into Hallstein’s concept of being a lifestyle club in addition to water producer. As health is the new wealth, we look forward to sharing all our essential information about healthy water and our extraordinary ‘Gift of Nature’ with the Opus community.”
Details of the partnership include a 6-month subscription of two 6 packs of Hallstein Water in 750ml recycled white glass bottles with every “Marquee Edition” purchase. In addition, Hallstein clients will receive a special members-only price on all Opus publications. The brands will also co-market their products at exclusive events for their communities, as well as leverage the partnership globally in unique customer-centric promotions.

About Hallstein Water
Hallstein Water emanates from an artesian aquifer, 700ft (214m) deep in a layer of rock beneath Dachstein mountain, in the Hallstatt-Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria. The water in the aquifer arrives thereafter an 8-10 year journey beginning as raindrops in the mountains above, then filtering through layers of the highest quality limestone unique to this region, and is protected from pollution and contamination by layers of earth called a Glacial Moraine. The Hallstein ‘Octagon’ defines the 8 key parameters that comprise the highest quality drinking water in the world. Hallstein Water is subscription-based and delivered directly to homes, offices, hotels, or restaurants as unfiltered, unprocessed, and unaltered as it is at the source. For more information please visit