We are very proud to announce and welcome Friends of Ukraine EOD as one of the two official charity partners of Opus for 2023 and beyond.

Friends of Ukraine EOD is a charity very close to our heart. Set up by like minded people just after the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, Friends of Ukraine is devoted to helping assist with the detection and clearance of land mines and unexploded ordnance, and mitigating the ongoing risks posed by Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) on the ground in Ukraine.

Specifically, in the last 10 months of operations Friends of Ukraine EOD has raised over £340,000 which has been used to fund the training of individuals to receive training and experience in the clearance of unexploded ordnance and also to provide relevant equipment to assist with that vital task.

Most notably the charity has funded the training of 53 operatives up to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) Level 2 and 12 operatives to IMAS level 3, so that they can contribute directly to the clearance of unexploded ordnance,  making Ukraine a safer place, and saving innocent lives.

The work that Friends of Ukraine EOD is supporting is both humbling and inspiring. We know there is so much more work to do in this field and on the ground in Ukraine. This is why we are so very honoured and proud to have Friends of Ukraine EOD as one of the official charity partners on board here at OPUS. We will be collaborating together and working hard to help with a number of strategies with the goal to raise much needed funds and awareness for their important on going efforts to help our dear friends in Ukraine.


Dave Mahoney, director and co-founder of Friends of Ukraine EOD said

“We are so pleased to have been approached by OPUS to join with them and we look forward to working together to ensure Ukrainians are able to lead safer lives.  Our work has never been more important and we look forward to the collaboration with such an amazing company that shares our values.”

We will be updating with more news on these efforts in due course over the coming months and you can see more information on