Opus claimed a pole position last week thanks to F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, signing an agreement to grant permission for the ultimate tribute to the sport to go ahead. Ecclestone’s involvement will mean that the Opus not only has the sport’s official seal of approval, but will grant its editors unique ‘behind the scenes’ access to the teams, drivers, designers, cars and events that will ensure the Opus becomes the definitive document of Formula 1.

The Formula One Opus

is the latest high profile project from Opus to be given the green light, and it will continue the theme of quality, individuality and uniqueness that is central to every Opus project.

The F1 Opus will celebrate in unparalleled depth – and on an epic scale –  the story of the Grand Prix World Championship, looking back at the most memorable events, drivers, cars and circuits made famous by a sport that melds man and machine into a high-octane cocktail of glamour and excitement.

For the real enthusiast, The F1 Opus will deliver 800 pages of specially commissioned words by some of the sport’s most celebrated writers including Maurice Hamilton, Jane Nottage, Matt Bishop and David Tremayne, and be illustrated by many previously unseen images, guaranteeing iconic status amongst fans as the ultimate tribute to the most exciting racing sport in the world.