When Opus was founded with the aim of producing the world’s greatest, most luxurious
and exclusive publications, there were certain iconic brands, with long-rooted traditions and fascinating stories, whose values we aspired to emulate. Naturally, Ferrari was among that elite group – a marque so strong that it does not need to advertise and one which always fulfils its promise of style and quality.

The Penthouse

Another brand with similar attributes and appeal is Harrods – a name synonymous with splendor and elegance – and so when Opus was invited to showcase the most exclusive edition of The Official Ferrari Opus at the most exclusive personal shopping quarters in Harrods, it seemed we had a match made in heaven.

The Penthouse, managed by Harrods’s award-winning By Appointment team, offers discerning shoppers a taste of true luxury. The Official Ferrari Opus is available in three limited editions and, as part of our unique Harrods showcase, we are proud to present our most exclusive edition to date, the Enzo Diamante. This special edition features a 30-carat diamond Prancing Horse on the cover, made up of over 1,500 stones.

The Penthouse

Enzo Ferrari said his company must always build one car fewer than the market would require and we followed this policy as we created the Enzo Diamante, a timeless and rare collectible.

Strictly limited to just one copy per country, the Enzo Diamante UK edition is now on display at The Penthouse in Harrods. Viewing is by appointment only until the 31st of July 2011.

For more information on the Enzo Diamante edition, please click here.