The premier edition of The Official Ferrari Opus, titled Enzo ‘Diamante’, made its historical debut at the largest Ferrari store in Italy. Milan played host to the monumental occasion which saw the unveiling of the Enzo ‘Diamante’ edition exclusively for Italy, for which clients of the local dealership Rossocorsa had the opportunity to view this special moment.

Many were fascinated in seeing the 30-plus carats of diamonds on the Prancing Horse, and were also intrigued to know that only one copy of the Enzo ‘Diamante’ is exclusively available for a buyer in Italy.

The Ferrari Milan Store also displayed unique content original to the Opus, including special photographs taken by Rankin of the 1961 California, as well as a selection of 20×24” Polaroids taken by one of the world’s largest Polaroid Camera’s that captured shots of some of the greatest drivers in Ferrari’s history.

The Classic edition of The Official Ferrari Opus is currently on display at The Ferrari Store Milan, allowing the public the chance to see this incredible celebration to Ferrari.