The Official Ferrari Opus Enzo ‘Diamante’ Edition debuted in Spain, on June 2nd 2011.  The beautiful private villa, Finca Besaya was the venue for Marbella’s official Ferrari dealership, C. de. Salamanca to unveil the new Ferrari FF to their prestigious clients. 

Opus Media Group PLC was invited to unveil the most exclusive book in the world, Enzo ‘Diamante’, and explain more about this fascinating Ferrari publication that has been attracting news overseas! 

Clients of the dealership had the opportunity to view the stunning Enzo ‘Diamante’ piece as well as observe the fascinating content inside Opus.

The following day, the Enzo ‘Diamante’ was present at the Marbella Luxury Weekend in Puerto Banus, within the exclusive jewelers, Gomez & Molina.  The Ferrari piece stood proudly within their showroom and was the talk of the town throughout the weekend.

Opus Media Group PLC expect that the visit to Spain and Marbella will not be it’s last, with some exciting future opportunities on the horizon.

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