Opus is thrilled to announce the creation of The Michael Flatley Opus – Lord of the Dance.

Michael Flatley launched himself on the world stage with music that nourished the soul and choreography that tore up the rule book. His show left audiences on their feet applauding as he and his dance troupe spread their infectious energy with fans all over the world.

The Michael Flatley Opus – Lord of The Dance ultimately celebrates the rags to riches career of an Irish-American who followed his dream and wrote himself into the very Irish folklore that he so loves and draws inspiration from.



With unrivalled access to treasured family albums, the Opus will be able to intimately reflect on the moments that are deemed most special, to the characters most influential and the family which Michael dedicates his life to. In contrast the Opus will also reveal the blood, sweat and tears shed to create Lord of The Dance, an original masterpiece, conceived to fill arenas and kept on filling them for 20 years and more.


The luxury format of the Opus together with its high definition production will allow stage photography to leap of the page like never before and capture the magic of the choreography in the most exciting way. The Opus will tell the iconic story of how Michael Flatley revolutionised dance and in particular Irish dancing. Inspired by traditional Irish music and folklore, the Lord of The Dance show transcends cultural boundaries and invites all audiences of all ages and gender to take a leap of faith into a realm where good conquers evil.

As well as featuring specially commissioned interviews and never before seen photography, there are also insights into; Michael’s love for painting and creating art in his own unique style, his renovation of Castlehyde in Ireland, unique behind the scenes photo shoots including a specially commissioned gallery of portraits taken in New York on the rare, giant- sized 20×20 Polaroid camera, his philanthropic work around the world that has been formerly recognised by the United Nations.

The Opus Edition itself will run to 450 sensational pages in large format. The Opus print run will include three limited editions featuring original signatures, pieces of worn costumes and unique experiences. It will be presented in a beautiful, hand-made clamshell case specially designed to reflect Michael Flatley’s legacy.

The Michael Flatley Opus – Lord of The Dance will be a wonderful celebration that will include his final encore performance and as such the Opus will be a must have item for fans to treasure for years and indeed generations to come.

More information on the Opus including pricing and editions will be released over the coming weeks and months as Michael travels America with his Lord of the Dance show for his final US tour. Fans interested in this unique story can register their interest to reserve a copy now.

Quote from Karl Fowler, CEO Opus

‘ What Michael has created and what he stands for through his unique dancing and story telling is a phenomenon and it inspires people all over the world, young and old, from all cultures and nationalities to follow a dream…their dream. To be allowed to capture this amazing story in a special Opus is a rare privilege and an honour. We hope that The Michael Flatley Opus – Lord of The Dance will be enjoyed and treasured by fans all over the world and be something to help continue the inspiration that is Michael Flatley’.

Karl Fowler, CEO Opus

and the final word from Michael Flatley himself…

‘I’m honoured to collaborate with Opus who are world leaders in this new publishing frontier. It is a truly exciting venture to present in this book a smorgasbord of defining moments in my life. Many of the photographs have not previously been published. To be able to share this in an Opus makes it extra special’.

Read more or register your interest now.