Meeting six times World Champion of the 24 Le Mans, Jacky Ickx

The long weekend began on Thursday with Mr Jacky Ickx 5 times winner of the Legendary race signing the Hall of Fame signature sheets within the Porsche Hospitality facilities.  Mr Ickx was very amiable and chatted about not just Le Mans but also motorsports in general.  On hand was motorsport photographer Steve Theodorou and a nugget of a story.  Mr Ickx always wears blue tinted Ray Bans and this is because many many years ago Mr Ickx met and asked Steve where he got his sunglasses from.  And I believe from that day on blue tints have been standard fare.

After the signing Mr Ickx could see I was suffering as I could not park in the paddock and had to park in the surrounding areas and had to run back to the paddock.  Not only is that not a pretty sight but exceptionally rare as well.  Eventually making it to the Porsche Hospitality drenched in sweat and tired (it was 34 degrees and I had just driven 360 miles) a nice ice cold beer at the suggestion of Mr Ickx was consumed.

So now only Mr Frank Biela left then the Hall of Fame Signature sheet is complete – that will probably take place in Prague date to be confirmed.

After Porsche it was off to the Corvette Racing Hospitality, the team very graciously allowed Team Opus to use their hospitality facilities, so a massive Thank You to Serge and as agreed see you in London for a cold one or two.

For the Opus Corvette Racing Program Manager Mr Doug Fehan agreed to wear a life logging camera for the 24 Hours so we could get exclusive photography within the Corvette garage.  Once again all members of Corvette Racing were gracious and Team Opus thanks them all from the security guards to the catering to the pit crew to the PR team.  The same technology was used in the Official Ferrari Opus so we are hoping to recreate a unique experience for readers of the Official 24 Hour Le Mans Opus.