Sachin Tendulkar, an official United Opus ambassador and soon to be the subject of his own Opus, has overtaken Brian Lara to become the highest-scoring batsman in the history of Test cricket.

In the current Second Test match against Australia, Tendulkar has passed Lara’s total of 11,953 runs, becoming the first man ever to score more than 12,000 Test runs.

Opus will be revealing his innermost thoughts on his achievement in the forthcoming Tendulkar Opus, which be the largest, most luxurious tribute ever published to the legendary cricketer. It will detail his playing career, his thoughts on his team-mates and opponents, past and present, his personal life and, above all, how he loves playing for India.

In the tradition of the Opus Collection, this phenomenal tribute to Tendulkar will weigh in excess of 35kg and contain over 800 pages (each measuring an impressive half-a-metre square). The Tendulkar Opus will be available in a strictly limited edition and each copy will be hand-signed by the man himself.

For further information on the Tendulkar Opus, please call +44 (0)20 7213 9587.