Following his June visit to the Opus Store in Covent Garden to announce the forthcoming Tendulkar Opus, cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar was back in London this month to film an exclusive interview for his official Opus website,

But before offering his thoughts on his life, career and love for cricket on film, the ‘Little Master’ took the opportunity to play around with Opus Reality™ (OR), amazing interactive software which will be incorporated in to future Opuses in the growing collection. Specially-commissioned by Opus Media Group PLC, OR really has to be seen to be believed, but in simple terms it requires a ‘‘trigger’ (which can be a picture, a mobile phone… or anything) that sets off exclusive an amazing 3D visual experience when held in front of a PC screen or TV webcam.

As a demo, Sachin was given a special image of Michael Jackson (which will appear in The Michael Jackson Opus, currently in production) which triggered footage of the pop icon performing some of his famous dance moves. The cricketer was so wowed by the experience, he agreed to have this unique software incorporated into his own Opus.

For further information on Opus Reality™, please contact Dipesh Davadra at Opus Media Group PLC,  [email protected]

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