Despite his hectic schedule, Sachin found time to meet with Opus to select cover designs for The Official Sachin Tendulkar Opus that will be launched later in 2011. The Opus covers Sachin’s incredible life inside and outside of cricket and Sachin’s commitment and input to the project will be a crucial element of it’s success. 

Having selected the designs for his Opus, Sachin went on to discuss the design and content of the digital version that will be available to download on iPhone, iPad and Android at an extremely attractive price level, ensuring that millions of his fans will be able to experience a version of The Official Sachin Tendulkar Opus.

Mr Karl Fowler commented; “It is a real honour to be working so closely with one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. Sachin’s emotional commitment and involvement in the project is going to make this a uniquely personal and revealing Opus.”

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