Peter Lik

(LONDON) – 3 January, 2011 – World famous and award-winning photographer Peter Lik has officially partnered with Opus Media Group PLC to release a body of work celebrating Peter’s 25th anniversary of capturing the worlds most iconic landscapes on epic formats.

Peter states, “I’ve published over a hundred books but this is something really special. This is a multi-million dollar project. To have my life’s work in this book – my 25th anniversary book – and to have it published by Opus Media Group PLC is just a top honor… to be their first guest publication – it’s a huge honor. It just gives me such a bloody thrill to know that my work, and the way the Big Book has been put together, is so highly regarded by them.

I truly feel that this is just the beginning of a great partnership between Peter Lik and Opus Media Group PLC. Mate, the sky’s the limit!”

The Opus family to date includes the stories of the worlds greatest brands, organisations and individuals. From Ferrari to Michael Jackson, the achievements of the protagonists transcend their genre and achieve almost mythical status.

“For me, Peter Lik, his energy, enthusiasm and execution goes far beyond the confines of the term ‘photographer’, comments Howard Forrester, Creative Director, OMG. “If Marco Polo had a camera to record his life and adventures we’d have someone to compare to Peter. The lifelong romance Peter has had with Mother Nature has brought the world breath taking images employing new technologies and the artistic science of knowing when and where to capture a moment in time. Taking ‘huge’ images in terms of scale and importance requires a large format to bring them into homes and lives around the world. We are truly excited and proud to publish Peter’s life in photograph’s and inspire generations to see our world with refreshing vigour.”

About Peter Lik

Peter Lik (born 1959 in Melbourne) is a self taught Australian landscape photographer. Lik started his own business when he was in his early twenties in the United States, photographing locations like Yosemite National Park, the Australian outback and many  hostile and inaccessible terrains.

As of June 2010, Lik has 13 galleries around the world, including ones in Noosa, Hawaii, La Jolla, California, Key West and Miami, Florida, New York City and Las Vegas. He is known for his limited editions, and has sold $150 million worth to date.