Peter LIk HD

Now you can experience the magic of Master Photographer Peter Lik on your iPad with the Peter Lik Opus HD app.

Thursday 20 January saw the launch of the Peter Lik Opus HD app and immediately made an impact in the Photography section on the App Store by reaching the number one spot in four countries including the US and top 10 in many others.

The app is based on Peter Lik’s book 25 years of photography, which is a compilation of images taken over the course of his life, showcasing hundreds of his awe-inspiring photographs.

The Peter Lik Opus app is the cutting-edge way to enjoy the work of Peter Lik, anywhere, anytime. Escape to mesmerizing destinations just by tapping your iPad. You can even watch video snippets of Peter discussing some of the images.

Some other delights you can expect from the app are:

• Contains all 580 pages from the 25th Anniversary book
• High resolution versions of each and every page
• Over 600 of Peter Lik’s greatest photographs
• App owners are entitled to a discount on the purchase of the 25th Anniversary book

Click here to find out more about the app or download it to your iPad.