Wiggins 101


Celebrating the Tour de France with exclusive extracts
from The Official Bradley Wiggins Opus featuring
narrative from 
Sir Bradley Wiggins himself.

“Scott followed me on the Tour before and we discussed during this year’s Tour how his stunning images could be translated into an Opus. The backdrop of the Tour is so stunning and diverse. It couldn’t be bettered. We have the open agricultural landscapes of rural France, the towns and ancient villages with breath taking architecture, the mountains in rain and sun and finally the romantic boulevards of Paris. Our conversations in hotels and on the team bus got more and more inspired as the days on the Tour drew to a close with me holding onto the Yellow jersey and looking likely to actually become the first Brit to win the Tour.”

“We’ve got a good scenario for the final day in the mountains but the process now starts, recovering eating drinking lots and getting ready right away… I’ll have a warm down and start thinking about tomorrow.”

“The only time all day you get to relax…
during a massage”

“I realise what the Tour de France is all about. I’ve been a fan of the sport for a long time – since I was a kid. So job done. I’ve got to get used to going into the history books now, but I’m trying to take everything in today first.”

Extracts taken from The Official Bradley Wiggins Opus