WBC Partners to Create the Undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Opus

Boxing history is to be made as the World Boxing Council announces a partnership with Opus to create a Limited Edition large format photographic luxury book to celebrate the 100 Greatest Championship fights of all time.

Speaking at the recent WBC 58th Convention 2020, WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán was excited to inform all the online attendees in his opening address of the project that will be completed in 2021. The Opus will showcase the top 100 WBC Championship fights with a panel made up of WBC World Champions themselves to rank the very best fights in history. This is an ambitious project which will reach new heights not only in the world of boxing but also in the world of sport and will be made even more challenging by the restrictions surrounding the Covid19 Pandemic. The judging panel comprising of ‘boxing elite’ will meet together to debate and determine the order of importance of each fight and ultimately THE Greatest Fight of all time.

Breath-taking ring-side photography over the decades feature throughout and brings an energy to the large format boxing Opus like never before. An essay telling the unique story of each fight, the build-up, the aftermath and consequences ensures the adrenaline rushing through the 850 pages is the ultimate tribute and celebration to the gladiators that have graced the ring from the enigmatic Muhammad Ali to the current WBC Heavy Weight Champion, the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury was present at the opening of the convention and was streamed in live from his home in England where he was presented with copy number one that will be signed by a multitude of champions and auctioned for the WBC Cares Charity.

The Limited Marquee Opus ‘Gold’ Edition will run to 850 sensational pages, each measuring 20 inches x 20 inches (45cm x 45cm) weighing in excess of 32 Kg (70lb). The Opus will be hand-bound in leather and feature an authentic and most ornately crafted WBC belt buckle. In addition, the Gold Edition will include a hand-signed signature page to be treasured by any boxing connoisseur. Signed by a host of WBC World Champions including those that will form the judging panel that will be chaired by Mauricio Sulaimán himself. During the convention opening address Mauricio Sulaimán invited the greatest Mexican boxer of all time, Julio César Chávez to join the opening ceremony by signing the bespoke designed signature page at his home whilst being streamed live to all those attending the convention across the globe.

To conclude the announcement of the historic project WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán himself signed a second signature page to be featured in the Gold and subsequent editions that include the signatures of the WBC Presidents from various Federations around the world.

To see what the excitement is all about view the trailer below.