Prince 21 Nights

Relive Prince’s monumental reign at the O2 Arena in London

An exclusive taste of The Official Prince Opus: 21 Nights. Accompanied by Prince’s personal lyrics and poetry, these unique images were shot by renowned photographer Randee St. Nicholas, who captured the essence and intimacy of a memorable tour, also featuring an extract from the film that Prince made for the Prince Opus. 


Light enters the darkness
No shame and no regrets
U give urself 2 the unknown
That’s when U soon 4get
Y U feared the darkness
Y U ever let
anyone mislead U
There’s always something

Space travel we’re not moving at all
Eye look in ur eyes and eye start 2 fall
Clothes unravel
Bolivian paper doll
If U don’t bounce, we can have a ball

Recurring Dream

The thought of us 2gether was consuming
It soon became a recurring dream
Eye saw us giving things 2 one another
that could only B understood by those who had seen
U in ur true essence and me in mine
while the whole world pays just 2 wait in line
2 C us do what we have waited 4 a lifetime
Each other 4 21 Nights

While the angel whispers
words of moderation,
another one screams:
“Give in 2 ur temptation”