Horacio Pagani with his edition of the Ecclestone F1 Collection Opus!

I was waiting inline along with approximately 30 others at the exhibition to not only have selfies but to talk to him. Trying to work out his next steps and direction I was planning on manoeuvring around the assembled crowd to get a vantage point.  As soon as I had he was ushered in the opposite direction it would be pointless to scurry around the back of the stage to the other side.

I needed something to grab the attention of Mr Pagani and I had it.  I collected the Ecclestone F1 Cars Collection from the nearby stand and rushed around and when people see a small chap carrying a large Opus book it is surprising how they part like the Red Sea once upon a time, supposedly.

As soon as Mr Pagani’s assistant saw the Opus she tapped Mr Pagani and the look said it all.  A look I have seen hundreds of times when people first clap eyes on an Opus. You just don’t “Get It” until you see, feel and most importantly try and lift an Opus  I hastily went into a précis of the project to get the succinct points across. The strategy worked – he wanted to know more, indeed he wanted to order and reserve a copy for his collection.

And what does the man who has his name attached to USD 1 million cars drive himself. I can tell you as I was leaving the exhibition hall in my rental Fiat 500L Diesel I saw a Porsche car and everyone stopping to look and admire, and there was Horacio  Pagani driving a Porsche 918 Hybrid … another USD 1 million hyper car.

Modena Motor Gallery, Italy, September , 2019

Hari R