Opus, the leading publisher of large-format, luxury works, is proving once again it has the gusto to buck against trends associated with a recession. Having just opened its first store in Covent Garden last month, Opus has today announced significant improvement to its supply chain strategy.

CEO Karl Fowler said “Improvement and innovation go hand in hand. At Opus we have made a long standing commitment to innovation and exploring new ways of doing business”. He is a firm believer that a continued focus on innovation keeps your company from becoming a stagnant operator.

Through the Opus project, Opus Media Group PLC has taken creativity to unprecedented levels and time had come for them to deconstruct the traditional publishing process.

The challenge was to introduce cutting edge methodology while still being true to our core values of beautiful design in a luxury format. “I am delighted by the results” enthuses Andy Clay, Opus Head of Publishing, “however in the transition to attain new levels of excellence certain projects such as Maradona, Sachin Tendulkar, Celtic FC, The Journey to Mecca and Boxing’s Greatest 100 Fights have all been subject to delay”.

“It’s a double edged sword”, he continues. “You strive for perfection but sometimes it means you just have to stop what you are doing and start from a clean canvas. It has meant taking the tough decision to push publication dates back but the good news is that all these titles will benefit enormously”.