Limited Edition Art Book Celebrates Over 20 Years of Innovation and Creativity in Family Entertainment

LONDON, 4 April 2017 – Opus Media Group today announced the planned publication of The Official DreamWorks Animation Opus, which will celebrate the creativity and legacy of one of the world’s most iconic animation feature film studios, DreamWorks Animation, and its growth into the global family entertainment brand it is today.

The Opus will chronicle the evolution of DreamWorks Animation from its founding as a revolutionary animated film studio that has pushed the boundaries of storytelling in family entertainment and pioneered advances in state-of-the-art cinema technology to entertain audiences around the world for more than 20 years.

Today, the company co-founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg has grown to become one of the world’s most recognizable and diverse brands, extending into the areas of film, television, digital content, technology, consumer products, location-based entertainment and retail development, all intended for a global audience. In August 2016, DreamWorks Animation was purchased by Comcast Corporation and is now a division of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.

DreamWorks Animation’s heritage includes many of the world’s most-beloved characters and franchises, including Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon, while its 32 feature film releases have earned 16 Academy Award® nominations, winning three.

DWA’s television business has quickly become one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality family programming, reaching consumers on linear and on-demand platforms in more than 130 countries and winning a total of 31 Emmy™ Awards to date.

Opus, in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, will open the doors to the studio and celebrate the stories and individuals who collectively have delivered more than 20 years of memorable family entertainment. A close look at the technology embraced and developed on campus will highlight the breakthroughs and vision of DreamWorks artists, whilst an in-depth journey through the archives will unearth hidden and forgotten treasures that illuminate and educate the minds of the Opus viewers.

Breathtaking illustrations, many spanning one metre wide and several two meter wide gatefolds will drive the narrative through the 800-plus pages in the Opus which will be complemented by exclusively written essays and interviews with studio leadership who infuse anecdotes about their personal journeys and contributions to DreamWorks’ global legacy. The DreamWorks Animation Opus is designed to educate, inspire and share the magic with readers young and old.

The Limited Marquee Opus Edition itself will run to 850 sensational pages, each measuring 20 inches x 20 inches (50cm x 50cm) weighing in excess of 32 Kg (98lb). The Opus will be leather bound, signed and numbered and include special features and experiences. It will be presented in a beautiful, hand-made clamshell case specially designed to reflect the DreamWorks Animation legacy.

A second format of the Opus, the unlimited Classic Edition measuring 15 inches x 15 inches (38cm x 38cm) will tell the same story as its larger companion but at a price point to attract a wider fan base but with edited content. Still weighing in at approximately 15kg, this Midi Edition is created to satisfy the demands of a much wider fan base at a more affordable price point.

Karl Fowler, Opus CEO, said, “The DreamWorks Animation story is one that Opus is not only immensely proud but very honoured to have the opportunity to tell. For over 20 years DreamWorks Animation, spearheaded by Jeffrey Katzenberg’s vision and leadership, has lead the way in technological advances and shared its creativity and humour through its movies and television captivating both young and not so young the world over. To be able to give some treasures of insight into how this was achieved will make this Opus rather special. We are truly excited about this opportunity and looking forward to creating an Opus that will do justice to everything that DreamWorks Animation and its audiences everywhere hold dear.”

“The Opus format is the perfect medium to tell the DreamWorks Animation story over the last 20 years, one rich with artistry and creativity. The stories and characters created by DreamWorks artists and storytellers over the years have had a lasting impact on popular culture and we look forward to giving viewers an extensive look at how DreamWorks became the beloved brand it is today,” said Harriet Murphy, General Manager, VP Global Publishing, Universal Brand Development for DreamWorks Animation.

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