We are excited to announce our move into the digital arena with the launch of a series of apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Many, many hours of work go into the creation of each Opus title to make it the definitive and most beautifully designed publication on its subject. No less effort has been put into reproducing that same content for handheld devices. 

With the Opus apps for iPhone and iPod touch, you will literally be able to carry an Opus in your pocket wherever you go, allowing you to read each word and examine each of the thousands of images that form part of the Opus experience, along with extra media content.

For iPad, we have gone one step further, taking advantage of the revolutionary device’s format to bring you a rich multimedia experience in high definition. 

Saatchi Opus first to be released

The first title to be released as an Opus App will be the Saatchi Opus, the 800-page chronicle of the past three decades of contemporary art featuring the work of over 150 international artists. Exclusive to the app are almost 100 videos taken from Charles Saatchi’s own archive featuring the works of art as they were seen in the original exhibitions.

Download Saatchi Opus for iPhone and iPod touch now at the App Store. Coming soon: Saatchi Opus HD for iPad.