Opus will be adding to its critically acclaimed football portfolio next year when it unveils the Barcelona Opus. Edited by leading author and journalist Andy Mitten, the Opus will chronicle over a century of football in the Catalan capital from the club’s formation just before the turn of the 19th century to its current iconic status as one of the most famous names in the world.

Set to be published in 2008, the Opus will be available in Spanish, Catalan and English versions and will feature previously unseen sketches by Salvador Dali of the legendary Nou Camp stadium.

“To the Catalans, Barcelona is more than merely a football club,” said Mitten, who is based is in the city. “It symbolises the passion and pride of Catalonia and we want to capture that sense of the club belonging to the people in a way other clubs never can.

“The history of the club is fascinating. There were even a few Englishmen involved in establishing the club after they responded to an advert in a local newspaper. There have been countless highs and lows since then. There’s rarely been a dull moment when it comes to FC Barcelona.”