Opus has today announced the third in an unprecedented series of epic, stunning and iconic sports publications that make the reader feel that they are experiencing the action and atmosphere as if they are actually there.

The incredible quality and impact of the Opus has enabled us to forge a unique partnership with Diego Maradona
to produce the amazing Maradona Opus. This relationship has ensured that the Opus is more than just a sensational masterpiece, but a unique piece of memorabilia, as each copy will be individually signed by Maradona himself.

Considered by many to be the greatest footballer ever to grace the game, a sportsman of Maradona’s calibre demands the best, and the Opus will be the defining publication about the highs and lows of a remarkable career.

Half a metre square, containing over 800 pages and weighing over 35 kilograms, the epic scale of the Maradona Opus is guaranteed. But it is our attention to detail, our unremitting demand for the highest quality standards and our commitment to delivering unique content that sets the Opus apart

Maradona Opus

Editorially, the writers on every Opus are hand picked for their expertise on the subject. The Maradona Opus will contain over 400,000 words written by celebrated writers from around the world that have followed the great man’s life and career for decades. Lead writer will be Matt Dickinson, Chief Football correspondent for the Times and an enormous fan of the Argentinean genius.

If the written word is exceptional, then the imagery of the Maradona Opus is ‘out of this world’. With over 2000 photographs and illustrations, the Opus is truly a visual feast. For every photograph used in the publication, 500 will be discarded. Over

1 million images will be researched to ensure that every one that appears really does merit its place. Many of the images will never have been seen before, and we have worked closely with Maradona himself, who has been involved in every step in the creation of this amazing tribute to his astounding life on and off the pitch.