Available in two special editions, the Grand Prix Edition and Paddock Edition. Every owner of The Ecclestone Formula One Collection limited edition can choose any Polaroid portrait in the collection of their choice to be featured on the front cover of their Opus, making their copy personally special to them. The Polaroid is reproduced using a photographic process on a 16×12 inch aluminium plate.

The Opus is printed in full colour and takes advantage of the latest innovations in printing technology that reproduces high-definition photography like never before by retaining detail in bright and dark colour range. The Opus is also hand-bound in England by master craftsmen and measures 70cm x 50cm. Printed on luxury 200gsm silk paper the Opus runs to 296 pages, weighing 25kg.

The Grand Prix Edition

Limited to 100 copies world wide. In addition to the Opus a complete set of individual 16×12 inch aluminium plates featuring a Polaroid portrait on each one (25 aluminium plates in total). Signed by Bernie Ecclestone and Luca di Montezemolo.

Paddock Edition

Limited to 100 copies of each Polaroid featured in the Opus. Signed by Bernie Ecclestone.