Create your very own personalised version of the Official DreamWorks Animation Opus and learn how you can rub shoulders with your favourite characters.

Bespoke Pages

Our ‘Tailor Made’ service allows you to turn your Opus into your own unique edition. Simply supply to us your favourite personal photographs or drawings and the Opus design team will create additional bespoke pages to sit at the front of your copy. The first page can include your name, your children’s names or the recipient’s name if it’s a gift, and any personal inscription of your choosing. Immortalise your memories within the pages of the Official DreamWorks Animation Opus.

Personalised Character Montage Art Print

When purchasing any of the three marquee size editions you will receive a complimentary art print of the character montage that appears on the clamshell. If you send us a good quality photograph of yourself, your child or anyone of your choosing, the Opus design team will add the chosen person to the centre of the montage, in amongst the DreamWorks characters.